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A respectful, comprehensive approach to community safety not based on punishment but instead... on a path to compliance and success

Your primary goal is to protect the public and keep

them safe.  Our goal is to help and ensure they know they are respected as part of the solution. We ensure that public safety is improved

Access to available resources and force-optimizing technology can help you operate more efficiently and effectively improve community well-being.  We deliver tools and systems that can change dangerous behavior, highlight enforcement needs and improve operations so you can spend more time doing what you do best...serving the public!


Public Safety Solutions

With shrinking budgets, agencies are being asked to protect and serve with fewer full-time officers per capita than 10 years ago. The pandemic has added even more problems and concerns to already stretched budgets. 

Our public safety group delivers technology and services that stretch your safety reach. We close information gaps and solve operational shortcomings with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


All of our public safety solutions remain true to your mission and center on multiplying your operational efficiency. We have several broad service verticals that help enable your limited resources to address ever-expanding goals by using technology for force-multiplication to dramatically increases effectiveness of your officers and... we always support your control everything.

Information Aggregation

Most police departments have access to only about one-fifth of the information they need to make an informed decision. Our solutions serve as information aggregators, empowering officers at every level-no matter their rank or role-with the information access they need to make quick tactical decisions.

LEADER - Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion for Effective Relations 



The LEADER Program is based on community-oriented policing and diversion principles providing law-abiding citizens the opportunity to correct mistakes, while still being held accountable. It also provides the Department with the opportunity to reach out into the community and demonstrate a willingness to approach police reform in a positive manner.  Law Enforcement Agencies across the country have become innovative on ways to provide community outreach but every community is unique; “one size does not fit all." The LEADER Program is flexible and allows your department to easily modify the program to fit your community.   

LEADER gives the officer a discretionary alternative that holds the citizen accountable but provides an alternative for the citizen being processed into the criminal justice system, appearing in court, having points assessed on a driving record, paying excessive fines, or sentenced to jail. The program also shows the public that law enforcement has embraced criminal justice reform by providing a program that is respectful of the citizen.


  •  Officer contacts a citizen, whether through a traffic stop or dispatched complaint.

  • After investigation, the officer has the discretion to issue a verbal or written warning, issue a traffic citation or non-traffic complaint/Notice to Appear, or make a physical arrest.

  • If the officer decides to offer LEADER, then the officer would issue a Notice to Appear and provide a court date one month out. The officer would also provide a card/handout (we provide) that includes program information and a QR code for the citizen to access the program or, information would be printed on the Notice to Appear itself. We will provide an E-Notice to Appear which can be linked to your department records management system.

  • The citizen has the option to appear in court and go through the court process (and have the violation on their driving record or court record) or participate in the LEADER Program.



  • Citizen scans the QR Code which takes them to Program website, (set up and provided without cost by Diversion Management), pays the $20 participation fee online, and scans the Notice to Appear by smart phone or computer within 5-7 days as determined by the department. If there is no notification from the citizen within the established time frame, the Notice to Appear is processed with the court/prosecutor and the citizen appears on the court date and time.

  • Department is notified electronically by the program that the citizen has chosen the LEADER Program.

  • Citizen participates in the required on-line course/video, (i.e., traffic safety, code regulations, theft/shoplifting, etc.), all of which is organized and monitored by us for the Department to then decide for each offense selected or the department can develop its own courses using department employees and/or citizens to emphasis a local flavor or add introductions and perhaps closings as you decide.

  • Citizen pays the department’s established fee depending on the violation.  The department establishes a set program fee, i.e., $50, $75, $100, etc. or, the department can offer community service hours in lieu of the fee or both. Program can also establish fee payments to accommodate hardship cases as you direct.

  • Citizen completes all requirements within the timeframe established by the department.

  • Department is electronically notified that citizen has completed the program.

  • Notices to Appear are not processed through the prosecutor’s office or courts, but are coded as “successfully completed” by the LEADER Program or however the department decides to track the issued Notices to Appear.

About Us


The Missouri Public Safety Company (MPSC) is the Missouri Company of SECURIX, a highly-respected public safety support company now active around the nation. 

MPSC can provide law enforcement personnel, agencies and departments direct access links to Law Enforcement technology, resources, and national criminal justice databases. 

MPSC has joined forces with the most cutting-edge, innovative companies and integrated their capabilities into our Smart Solutions System to transform real time data into actionable intelligence for our member jurisdictions. Our system provides greater automated convenience and operational efficiency with a single streamlined interface collected and shared among jurisdictions and colleagues in the field, our Network Operations Center (NOC) and other management systems.

MPSC aims to facilitate, integrate and support the mission of the Courts, Public Safety and Law Enforcement throughout the great State of Missouri.

Our Diversion Management, (, is the most advanced and efficient diversion system in the nation and, entirely respectful in its approach... which is why it is so successful.



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Program Information

Call or email: Chief Carl Wolf (Retired)                    (314) 276-2366 or

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